Available courses

    Day 1:  Koha installation in Debian and other environments

    • Debian overview and Koha overview
    • Core Linux commands for Koha management
    • Sample Koha installation
    • Koha folder structure and management commands
    • Q&A

    Day 2:  Detailed Koha installation exercise

    • Installing and updating CPAN
    • Koha install
    • Zebra and YAZ install
    • Koha service configuration and apache
    • Zebra configuration
    • Scheduled tasks
    • Q&A

    Day 3: Data conversion and application configuration 

    • Koha import methods and data conversion - Bibliographic data
    • Koha import methods and data conversion - Patron data
    • Koha application configuration
    • Key system preferences
    • Core setup: branches, lending rules, patron configuration
    •  Q&A

    Day 4: Koha web site feature management and content management

    • Installation recap
    • Koha web content management
    • CSS customisation 
    • UI features and settings
    • UI customisation using JQuery
    • Functional overview & training resources, circulation, reserves and cataloging

    KohaKoha Essentials : half-day modules in Koha management

    Each of these modules is delivered as a half-day session, either in person or by webinar/skype.  The prices are $AUD450 per module or $AUD750 per day inclusive of GST.   In-person training outside Sydney will usually also entail a travel and accommodation charge.   These modules can be group together in one or two day training programmes.

       OPAC and circulation and patron management

       Content management



    • Free
    • Location: Prosentient's Offices (72/ 330 Wattle St, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia)
    • Dates: March 2017. Four weeks. Thursdays, 6pm – 8.30pm 
    • BYO refreshments. Coffee/Tea provided
    • Maximum enrollments: 9


    Week 1:  Managing the OPAC – web content management, system preferences tricks and library guides
    Week 2:  Managing client communication – designing html emails, SMS services, new title alerting services, new serial alerting services
    Week 3:  Report design and Koha table structure – detailed access to information in the Koha database
    Week 4:  Koha service layers – OAI, API, Open search and others

    Configuration (1/2 day):

    Koha configuration workshop: clients make preliminary decisions on the Library's desired Koha settings.

    • Basic parameters
    • Patrons & circulation parameters
    • Global system preferencest
    • Catalog configuration
    • Acquisition parameters
    • Z39.50, Calendar and News settings

    Please complete all sections of this course, including submitting answers to quizzes and filling in all questionnaires.

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